Ben Pearce – Lego

Ben Pearce was named by Mixmag Gold Artist 005 (a series dedicated to the DJs and producers who are making the strongest waves within dance music right now).

Thanks to Mixmag we have an exclusiv premiere of ‘Lego’, one of his tune from the forthcoming EP, “Lego”, that will be released on February 17 via Purp & Soul.

In the interview, Ben mentioned he’s a fan of romanian producer Cosmin TRG.

Which techno producers are you into at the moment?

People like Benjamin Damage; whatever he puts out is insane. Cosmin TRG, MGUN and the whole L.I.E.S movement because people are doing stuff completely off the wall and different. Hessle Audio are making completely bizarre records as well that don’t really fit any format. It’s really interesting how much variation there is at the moment.

Source Mixmag

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