Deepbless – Deeplove mix

When you want something, the universe is just around the corner waiting for you to claim what you deserve. For exemple, yesterday I was looking for love. Love, in terms of musical emotions. After 5 minutes I received a link, opened it and pressed play. I admit, I am not a big fan of techno, deep techno, or whatever subgender of techno exists out there. (no offence)

But to my surprise, I found I liked it. Those alert, but at the same time chill and deep sounds were what I needed that moment. I could really feel the love and some sort of chills invaded my god damn body. The coffee was hot, the sun was warming my face, the beats were perfect, what the hell, I could just see myself dancing at a beach party with a mojito in my hand. My point? This is what I call “getting high on music”.

Music is by far more powerful than language. It’s a tool that works its magic by arousing emotions and feelings. My friend, if you’ve never been high on music, I pitty you, this means you’re definitely not listening to the right sounds.

Conclusion, thank you Deepbless, cause that’s your mix I’m talking about. Great timing.

P.S. Happy birthday! ^_^

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Bianca Bideac

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