Delia Derbyshire – female electronic music pioneer

She deserves more words, because she’s an amazing woman and a great icon for the electronic music history, but today I’ll just say a few words about who she is.


Delia Derbyshire is a piece of history, one of the female electronic music pioneers you should know about and a music icon for the 20th century. She was an english musician and composer of electronic music and musique concrete, that worked for the BBC Radio.

She created the first entirely electronic pieces of music to be used on TV, for the show “Doctor Who” (1963)

Delia Derbyshire: “Some people thought I had a kind of second sight. One of the music critics would say “I don’t know where it is, but it’s where the trombones come in” and I’d hold it up to the light and see the trombones and put the needle down exactly where it was. And they thought it was magic.”

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