– good taste in electronic music.


It’s really interesting how your taste in food changes with your age.

When we are young, our parents force us to eat vegetables. How could we eat all those peas and carrots, they taste awfull! Well, as years pass it’s a different story. We kind of enjoy all this food that once in our lifetime we’ve hated.

The exact same pattern goes perfect with the taste in music. When we are kids, we feel that the worst music in the world is what our parents are listening to.  Then, as we grow up, whatever the teenagers are listening to is what we do not enjoy so much.

This may be our story. We’ve always loved electronic music.  Jungle, breakbeat, drum and bass, dubstep, funk, disco, we’ve listened to all sort of genders. That’s why  2 years ago we started a project that unfortunately today is not to our liking, it does not fit us anymore. Why?

we grew up,

we are more mature,

we appreciate other things in music

and first of all, our taste in music has changed over the years. was born because we want to offer you a little bit of our enthusiasm in electronic music, sounds that give you a lovely strange vibe but keep your heart pumping with excitement.

In one simple idea: quality music, quality artists, quality events.

We are, nice to meet you!


About The Author

Bianca Bideac

Day dreamer, night thinker. Self-proclaimed music enthusiast.